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Fig-O-Honey reusable cloth diapers

How to safely hand down diapers to siblings

It sounds gross that you might even want to pass on underwear or diapers from one baby to another. But hold on! It might just be one of the best ideas you have had in the parenting space. First, it is super economical and may save you thousands of rupees in just diapering costs. If your children are spaced by about three odd years the diaper sharing concept can be seamless. But even if your kids are both in the diaper wearing age, cloth diapers are not a bad idea.

When your kids are BOTH wearing cloth diapers!

If your children are both wearing diapers, it may be a little daunting to try and wash cloth diapers by hand. Diaper usage patterns change with the age of the baby, and it is much easier to deal with a second child’s diapering as you are already in practice! Your new born will probably use up to 10-12 cloth diapers and inserts in a day while the older child will probably use about 6 or less. So it should not be very difficult to manage as you would already be having that extra number from your older child’s new born days. If washing diapers every day does not seem viable you may want to add 4-6 new ones to have handy just to get peace of mind that you will never run out of clean diapers.

A good brand like Fig-o-honey pocket style cloth diapers is one of the easiest diapers to reuse for a second child. The one size fits all cloth diaper can be literally used for a new born and a two and a half year old who is going through potty training. The snap buttons are arranged in rows of three by three and can be adjusted to fit a new born and a toddler with ease. The waist elastic also folds to fit all sizes snugly. So, no creating separate stashes for two kids, you can get by with your old stock only!

Tips to keep your diapers like new

It is not difficult to maintain your cloth diapers to look and feel like new ones. A pre-loved diaper will be softer and more absorbent than a new one. Some washing tips to keep them looking like new.

  • It is always best to use cold to warm water to wash diapers. This keeps the elastic and snaps intact and increases longevity of the diaper.
  • Always do try to wash diapers in small numbers. A smaller load makes for lesser stains and newer looking diapers.
  • A good and mild detergent minus fragrances and softeners will increase the life of your baby’s diaper, making it easy to pass on.
  • Air drying is the option to use when washing diapers in the washing machine. A hot dryer or the rigours of the spin cycle may harm the snap buttons and elastic.
  • Never use a brush on the diaper as it will ruin it! Always scrape off the poop with a hand shower will reduce the staining and make the diaper easier to wash, making it last longer.
  • It is advisable to not bleach or strip diapers too often as they reduce the life of the diapers.

Do remember that you have taken a decision to save the environment, your budget and your baby’s wellness by using Fig-o-honey diapers. Stick to your resolve and those few days when you feel it is too huge a task to accomplish have a cheat day and use a rare disposable.