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Fig-O-Honey reusable cloth diapers

How can I snag a free Fig-o-honey cloth diaper?

Creating a stash of cloth diapers for a much awaited baby? On the lookout for a smart way to snag a few cute Fig-o-honey cloth diapers for free? It is not easy but there are ways to do it with élan. It is not complicated as you can actually use the cloth diaper at any age from a new born till toddlerhood (read till potty trained). The easy to adjust, one size fits all diapers will last you through the period and still be good enough to save for your next baby.

How to get diapers as gifts?

A tongue in cheek young expecting mother asks,” How to ensure that the cloth diaper I ask for as a gift is a Fig-o-honey?” We do have some answers for you.

  • A baby shower is the best remedy to making sure you get baby related gifts from friends and family. It is quite trendy now a day to ask for specifics or even ask for a voucher, or a gift card that can ensure that you get that print you are hankering for or the wet bag that you want. As these are readily available on the website and many other E-commerce portals, send a link to make doubly sure that you get the right colour and the right print!
  • Talk about cloth diapering with friends who are likely to give you a gift when the baby arrives. Tell them about the natural fibre cloth diapers, the great fit and the great comfort of using them. Tell them that they need not worry about giving something that is not usable as the Fig-o-honey diapers are adjustable and the strong but soft elastic and snap buttons on the front ensure a good fit at all sizes and ages! If you actually end up with extra diapers, you can save them for the next baby or for a friend. Friends who want you to remember their gifts forever will actually love the idea of gifting you something that you will use every single day!
  •  Search for moms whose kids have outgrown the cloth diapers but have kept them aside for such an occasion only. These preloved cloth diapers will be super absorbent and ultra-soft. If they have been washed correctly they will last you the entire tenure. You get your cloth diapers for free!
  • If you still do not manage to get your stash of cloth diapers for free, try a mean trick. Look on the internet. There are many moms out there who have got an excess of cloth diapers, who may not have used them or even preloved them. They are more than happy to pass the baton of using cloth diapers as they realize how important it is to the environment to keep the disposable diapers out of the landfills. 

If all else fails, ask your Mom to get some for you. That trick never fails. “Hey Mummy, I want to do diapering the right way, just like you. Please help!”