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Fig-O-Honey reusable cloth diapers

Best cloth diapering accessories

Cloth diapering a baby needs resolve and determination. But, contrary to mass belief, it is not as difficult as it is made to sound. Disposable diapers are a recent phenomenon and cloth diapers have been around for centuries. They now come in very adorable prints and the new age cloth diapers like Fig-o-honey are smart options that can make diapering a breeze. The one size fits all pocket style cloth diapers are durable and can last your little one through toddlerhood and still be usable for another baby.

Accessories add the icing to the cloth diapering cake. These are the tools you need to make the process simple and seamless. The add ons make life easier for the mother and they are very economical when we compare the cost to the use of disposable diapers, both in terms of money and environment. The bonus is the sweetest- you ensure your baby’s health too!

The must haves of cloth diapering

A few well-chosen accessories can relieve the new mother of stress and streamline her daily chore routine. 

  • The hand shower attachment in the toilet can be a life saver. It is so easy to just wash off the solid waste on to the commode and flush. Even fathers can handle the erstwhile messy chore easily. This will help you avoid stinky diapers and stains too.
  • Diaper pails are also an accessory that is a must to make the process easier. Most cloth diaper manufacturers like Fig-o-honey advice the mother to use a dry pail storage until you are ready to wash the load. There are simple tricks which can ensure that you avoid smelly pails.
  • If you need a portable wet diaper bag, the zippered ones are the best accessory to choose. The bags are the best add on when you are travelling, on a day visit or even a commute to day care. Cute prints and pockets for wipes and other essentials make a zippered wet bag a must if you are to step out of home with a cloth diapered baby.
  • Diaper liners come in many materials and are a boon when you want a super dry diaper. They can be made of fleece that draws moisture away from the baby’s bottom to the layers below. It also protects the baby from diaper rash and helps protect your diapers. The liner does not allow diaper creams and such to come in contact with the diaper and hence keeps their absorbency intact.
  • Air drying your cloth diapers is te best idea, but if you are constrained by space or time issues, it might be a good idea to use dryer balls. Plastic and natural fibre ones are easily available. The natural fibre ones can be less noisy and can also be a DIY product. It is a good way to keep chemicals out of your wash, save electricity and keep your cloth diapers soft. 

It is fairly easy to use cloth diapers if you have the right accessories and get the hang of it. The baby will be more comfortable and so will your pocket be too!