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Fig-O-Honey reusable cloth diapers

Getting the Right Fit

Babies grow exponentially in the first few months of life and can often surprise their parents with growth spurts. The cute little bundles of joy outgrow their clothes and diaper sizes astonishingly fast. Fig-o-honey can help you out of this dilemma by providing you with cloth diapers that are smartly designed to grow along with your baby.

How cloth diapers fit snugly on a growing baby?

It is more convenient to adjust cloth diapers to suit your child’s weight and height than disposable diapers. You often store disposables in bulk as they are cheaper when you buy in larger quantities. Often, you find that your baby finds the size a little tight within a short span of time. This renders your stash unusable. An adjustable cloth diaper has a set of snap buttons that you can adjust in a minute or so to sync with your baby’s comfort.

Both the height and waist can be adjusted in two easy steps. The diaper is made of two parts, the diaper shell and the insert. The diaper shell needs to be adjusted with the help of the 9 snap buttons attached to the front of the diaper till your baby outgrows that particular size. Then simply undo the snap buttons and adjust to the next row to provide more room to the legs of the baby. The snaps don’t need to be opened even for washing. So relax and keep your little one happy and gurgling!

Similarly the waist also has snaps that can be folded to the right size and fitted snugly. The overlapping buttons can be locked to cinch the waist and keep the baby comfortable.

How to look for the perfect fit?

Comfort is the first things mothers look for when choosing a diaper for their baby. Apart from being healthy for the baby, the Fig-o-honey pocket style cloth diaper is also very environment friendly. Ensure that the diaper fits well by ticking these checklists.

  • The baby should be able to move comfortably. The skin against the elastic may be a little red or have light indentation marks, but that should dissipate within moments of removing the diaper. Any longer and you know that the diaper is too tight.
  • Loose diapers will cause leaks and blowouts. If the diaper shell is too loose it may also cause chafing by rubbing against the baby’s belly or thigh. They also tend to look bulky and unattractive.
  • Just run a finger under the waist and thigh elastics. If you can do that comfortably, the fit should be fine. There will be no leakages and your little one will be uber comfortable.

Diapers are crucial for the well-being of the baby and the peace of mind of the mother. Comfort, wellness and convenience should go hand in hand while choosing a diaper, as you can use the same cloth diaper through the diapering years. The cute prints and lively colours will be a ray of sunshine in your sunshine’s day!

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