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Fig-O-Honey reusable cloth diapers

Using cloth diapers in daycare

The biggest myth in the diapering world is that cloth diapering is for stay at home mothers. There are in fact thousands of mothers who endorse cloth diapering even when they have to leave their munchkin at daycare. It might be a little difficult to convince the day care centre to use the cloth diaper as most of them look at cloth diapers as challenging to use.

It might a good idea to talk to the day care and convince them that using a cloth diaper from a trusted brand like Fig-o-honey may be as convenient as using a disposable diaper, Slowly, perceptions are changing and many daycares are warming up to using a pocket style cloth diaper. It just might take a little time in convincing the authorities that there are ways in which using a cloth diaper is a good idea.

Tips to make using cloth diapers easy

A well fitted cloth diaper with super absorbent inserts in multiple layers is an excellent alternative to disposable diapers.

  • A pre-stuffed pocket style cloth diaper like Fig-o-honey is the best choice when you need diapering to be easy and hassle free. The inserts make it convenient to just change and clean the diaper as usual.
  • A cloth diaper may actually be better in controlling poop explosions that are common in infants. They have been found to have snug fit and better elastic that prevents poop from straying on to the legs and back or god forbid, hair and front. Once the day care authorities understand this they will be more willing to use the cloth diapers, and maybe even recommend them.
  • Most day cares will ask for pocket style diapers that have snap buttons that are pre-snapped in place and need no adjustments every time you change the baby. These snap buttoned cloth diapers need to be just buttoned at one place and fit snugly each time.
  • Liners are a good idea if your day care is willing to dispose of them in the trash. These liners can take of poopy diapers sitting in your wet bag and creating an odour that lingers way beyond the day care time and makes washing very difficult.
  • Ask the day care if they can tip the solids in the pan and send poopy diapers back in a separate wet bag. That makes it easier for the mom.
  • Respect the boundaries set by the day care provider as they have a lot to do looking after the children and have a lot on their hands. Let your day care person set parameters about how much they can handle.

It is a great idea to go ahead with cloth diapering, but it is wise to keep a couple of disposables as a stand by when you send your baby to a day care. Disposable liners are also a good option. It is a great initiative towards working for your baby’s wellness and a greener environment and as more mothers will create a demand for cloth diapering, more day care centres will come forward to fulfil that demand.