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Fig-O-Honey reusable cloth diapers

Preventing poop explosions/diaper blowouts

One of the worst nightmares that a mother of a toddler can experience is a diaper blowout or a poop explosion. They are not uncommon in both cloth diapering and using disposable diapers. The good news is that they are fairly easy to prevent and control. It is often not expected and new moms are often surprised by the amount of poop a new born can create. The explosion could mean poop all over the legs, back and the outside too.

Surprisingly enough diaper blowouts are less common in cloth diapers

Most mothers acknowledge that poop explosions are nearly eliminated with the use of cloth diapers. There are a few tips that can be Holy Grail to new mothers to avoid poopy accidents.

  • The most important thing is to choose the right size diaper. Too tight and you could face leakages and spills. If the diaper is too loose, you will find that poop will escape down the legs and back. It is important that the waist is buttoned snugly at the belly button and the legs fit snugly too. It should be right if you can run a finger under the elastic comfortably, but not a tad looser than that.
  • Fig-o-honey pocket style cloth diapers have the provision to add multiple inserts that can handle poop blowouts. Take an informed decision after you ascertain how long you have between diaper changes.
  • It is important to keep in mind what goes into the little ones tummy. The nursing mother should be careful of her diet as most foods find their way into breast milk and can affect the baby’s poop patterns, for example a fruit smoothie may cause an abnormal amount of poop to be made. The baby who is on solids also has some foods that can cause excess poop, so diaper changes should be more frequent.
  • It is also important to close all tabs and buttons snugly to avoid leakages. Do double check every time as it is easy to miss pulling a tab tightly when you are in a hurry.
  • Cloth diapers from brands like Fig-o-honey often allow for more absorbency and the stronger elastic on the waist is often enough to contain the poop in the diaper.
  • Although it sounds like common sense, moms can sometimes leave diaper changes for too long. The elementary tip is to change diapers often.
  • Try making your baby wear onesies that are envelope style or flats. These onesies can be pulled down the legs and you are spared the torture of pulling a poopy diaper up your baby’s head. This way the poop is only smeared on the legs and is easier to manage.

Motherhood is the joy of a woman’s life but there are small hiccups that you have to contend with, poop blowouts are one of those. Although you try cloth diapering to reduce the episodes, they will still plague you at some time or the other, especially if your little one has a stomach upset. Keep the baby’s digestion good and you might never have to face the situation again.