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Fig-O-Honey reusable cloth diapers

Cloth diapering on a budget

Cloth diapering is a lot cheaper than disposable diapers in the long run. Babies go through nearly 6-7 diaper changes a day and maybe more in the first few months. And they need diapers for nearly 3 years, so the numbers can be mind boggling. Cloth diapering can be managed at a fraction of that cost. It may seem daunting at the very beginning as you need to build a stash to keep you replete with washed diapers even on stress days when your baby seems to poop or pee much more than usual.

Ways to cut costs, not corners while cloth diapering

There are myriad small steps a new mother can take to pursue cloth diapering within a very tight budget. The planning should start during the pregnancy time only.

  • It is wise to choose a brand like Fig-o-honey which is very likely to suit you. The diapers are sleek, with cute prints, and the cloth pocket diapers are very economical as they fit all sizes from new born to 3 year olds. The cloth diapers come with snap buttons to adjust waist and leg size. So they last you through the entire diapering period. This makes it easy to create a small stash that last you forever.
  • Sometimes it is possible to find pre-loved diapers online at a fraction of the cost that new cloth diapers cost. There are many mothers who buy too many and then want to resell their stash. This will really help to cut costs. Also Fig-o-honey diapers are good to go for more than a single baby.
  • Getting creative with inserts is also a great way to diaper when on a tight budget. DIY inserts made of old sarees, towels or other absorbent fabric work quite well. This is especially true while your baby is still small, the volume of pee will be lesser.
  • It is also a good idea to wash your diapers daily so you need far less numbers than if you wash your diapers more infrequently.
  • Although a washing machine is a convenient option, it might be more economical to wash by hand. Or at least leave the drying to good old air and sunshine. Air drying not only makes your diapers smell fresh, but sunshine is a deodorizer, stain remover and also a natural germ reducer. Avoiding the dryer also ensures you of a longer diaper life as the elastic and snap buttons last longer when not exposed to heat.
  • It may sound a little funny, but you can make your own detergent at home and save tons of money on store bought expensive detergents. They are also gentler on the diaper and the baby’s skin too.

The last but not the least, you can resell your used diapers to recover some of your investment once your diapering days are over! Cloth diapering is an economical option and a better choice when you are on a budget, and these tips can actually help you make the diapering even more pocket friendly.