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Fig-O-Honey reusable cloth diapers

Diapering without toxins

Mothers are very protective of their babies and would rarely do anything to hurt or harm them. But very few moms actually know that using disposable diapers have a major health hazard attached to it. The convenience seems big, but in reality once you get the hang of using cloth diapers, the myth evaporates.

The icing on the cake is that cloth diapering is that while cloth diapering is safer than disposables, it is safer for the planet you leave behind for your little one too. Most moms are not even aware of the chemicals that disposable diapers bring in contact with your baby’s skin and that too against the tenderest areas of the body.

Toxins that are found on disposable diapers

Some disposable diapers are called eco-friendly but in reality they still contain traces of harmful chemicals that can cause serious harm to your baby’s wellness.

  • Sodium Polyacrylate is a potential toxin added to the innermost layer of the disposable diaper to make it super absorbent. As such it does not come in touch with the baby’s skin, but if there is a tear or leak in the lining of the diaper you might find tiny crystals on the genitals of your baby. The substance turns into a gel when wet and can cause harm to your little one. The AGM as it is also called can cause allergy, asthma or even low sperm count in boys.
  • Dioxins are used to bleach the absorbent wood pulp that is the core of your disposable diaper. Dioxin is a known carcinogenic and cause cancer in the long run.   It may also lead to nerve damage and immune system compromises.
  • Chlorine is also sometimes present in the disposable diaper as a bleaching agent and can cause rashes and allergies.

The safer alternative is cloth diapers

Cloth diapers from safe brands like Fig-o-honey can be a much safer alternative. They are very absorbent but are very safe. They are chemical free, latex free, and also perfume free. These are all irritants for your baby’s soft skin.

The cute printed one size fits all cloth diaper makes cloth diapering a breeze. The Diapers are soft and comfortable and made of eco-friendly materials that are chemical free and ensure that it is gentle on your baby’s skin.

Cloth diapers often come with a TPU or PUL outer layer that prevents leaks but is a ‘breathable’ fabric that allows air circulation. Most disposables are made of plastic outside layers that make the baby break out in rashes due to heat.

The environment also is harmed by the chemicals present in the disposable diapers. These diapers are clogging landfills and most likely leaching harmful chemicals into our water tables. These in turn find their way into our food chain and cause innumerable harm to our children in the future. Our baby’s wellness and health is in our hands. Use cloth diapers and take a healthy step forward.