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Fig-O-Honey reusable cloth diapers

Gifting ideas for Godh bharai/baby showers/new parents

Give it any name but every ethnicity and culture has a celebration in the fag end of pregnancy that is called Godh Bharai in India, baby shower in modern parlance. Simply put, it is an occasion when the new mother to be is pampered and celebrated. Gifts and fun ideas are the rule of the day and she is helped by other mothers and friends to prepare for her big day and impending motherhood.

The celebrations are coupled with thoughtful gifts

Most ladies who are already mothers opt for gifts that are practical and have great utility, where there are always some friends who choose to shower the new mom to be with fun and adorable gifts. 

  • One of the most popular gifts that a tired and stressed parent to be really appreciates is a spa coupon. Tired and cranky with hormones running high, the pregnant mom gets a pampering that could easily be the last one before birth. She can relax and get happiness from the spa.
  • Clothes for the baby is another popular gifting idea. Cute onesies, dresses, shifts are a great choice. It is more practical if you get an assorted size that she can use for about a year into the baby’s birth. Try and match it with the weather that is expected at that time. There is no sense in gifting a woollen dress in a six month to one year size if the baby is December born after all!
  • Diapers, oil cloths, towels and bed linen are also a great way to prepare the mom to be for momhood. You can never have enough of these goodies. Take care to choose a brand that she will really appreciate and can use for a long time. Fig-o-honey pocket style cloth diapers are a good choice. They are good for the baby, good for the environment and will fit the baby till she is potty trained with ease. It does help that they come in really cute prints too!
  • Accessories for the baby are also a cute choice that will really be appreciated. Do remember to add some for both sexes as gender equality is what most new age parents strive for today. Gift hampers are sweet and practical too.
  • Toys, rattles, soft toys are all welcome as the mother to be is in a phase where the nesting instinct will soon take over. She will enjoy setting up a nursery or toy corner and these will be handy additions to the nook.
  • If you are looking for expensive gifting ideas, furniture is a good idea. Beds, rocking chairs for the mother and baby, high chairs, cribs are all a good gifting idea.

If all else fails, gold or silver bangles, rings and chains for the little one can be a good idea. Vouchers for baby from popular stores or ecommerce sites are also a smart choice. The mom to be can browse to her hearts content and shop for things of her choice.