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Fig-O-Honey reusable cloth diapers

How many diapers do I need?

You have decided to do the right thing for your baby’s wellness and the environment and decided to start with or switch to cloth diapers. It is a very smart decision as it saves you a whole lot of money too! It might seem a trifle expensive when you start building your stash, but in the long run, they are much more economical than disposable diapers.

The age of the baby matters

The baby needs about 10 diapers a day if you start with a new born. The new born tends to poop a lot and you change a diaper in every couple of hours at an average. The number comes down to about 6 by the time your baby is about 5-6 months old and fewer by the time the baby is 2 years old and you have started potty training.

It is safe to start with a stash of 18-24 diapers if you are starting at new born stage. The Fig-o-honey diaper is one of the best examples of the efficacy of cloth diapers. The pocket style cloth diaper is fitted with snap buttons and foldable snaps at the waist. These snaps are laid out on the front of the diaper in rows of three by three. The snaps can be adjusted to fit small, medium and large size around the leg. A snug fit is important to prevent blow outs. The waist also can be folded and adjusted to fit the waist of the baby as it grows.

 The snaps at the waist are also sturdy and keep your baby comfortable. These snaps ensure that the same diaper fits your baby through the diapering years. All you need to do is set the adjustments and then let it be till you need to graduate to the size. You can even wash the Fig-o-honey diaper without opening the snaps!

How to build your stash

You will be pleasantly surprised to see the number of people who gift you cloth diapers on your baby shower once they know that you plan to go green with diapering. Once you have a small stash, add some more till you have about 18-24 diapers. It is easy to get by with this number if you plan to wash your diapers every day. 

If it is your second baby, you might have a stock of diapers left from your first child’s time. Just wash and air dry to make the diapers ready for use. You can do this before your delivery so that you have soft diapers ready for your little one when you reach home.

There are many mothers out there who may put their pre-loved diapers up for sale, knowing that they are good enough to last a baby through her diapering years again.  You might even have a friend or cousin with her child just outgrowing their diapers. These years are the best in your life and that small bit of extra effort will keep the planet and your baby very happy!