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Fig-O-Honey reusable cloth diapers

Hand washing cloth diapers

First you need to be congratulated on your choice to use cloth diapers for your little one. Cloth diapers are friendly for the environment and also for your baby’s health. It seems like a big chore if you want to hand wash your diapers, but that is what our mothers and grandmothers always did before the advent of washing machines in such numbers. The process seems cumbersome when you think about it, but if you get down to do it, it becomes a part of your daily routine very quickly.

How to make hand washing diapers easy

 The first step is to determine how long you want to go between washing your pail full. It is always easier to do small loads every day. This is easy to manage in a bucket or even the sink. If there are just a few diapers each day, the work seems much easier and you do not have to set aside a time separately to wash diapers. It becomes a part of your daily routine.

  • It definitely is a good idea to scrape away the solid poop using a hand shower before dropping the poop free diaper into a wet bag or diaper pail. This will ensure that there is minimal staining and smell when you do try to wash the load. The stains are much easier to get out as you can pay more attention to the really soiled areas.
  • If you are using a bucket or tub, fill it with cold water. The quantity will depend on the number of diapers you are washing. If the number is big, you can consider using the bath tub. It is ideal to soak the diapers for a few minutes, swish them around and change the water.
  • It is then advisable to add warm water to the bucket and add a little mild detergent. Do not add very warm or hot water as it might take a toll on the elastic and snap buttons on your Fig-o-honey diaper. The detergent should be oil free and should be mild so as to not irritate the tender skin of your baby. Perfumed detergents are also not a great option.
  • Once the detergent is mixed in well, agitate the diapers well with a back and forth motion. A plunger can also do the trick. It is not advisable to use a brush as it can weaken the elastic and dislodge the snaps.
  • Then it is time to drain the tub, add water to rinse the diapers thoroughly. This is a crucial step, as any residual detergent can be an irritant on our little one’s gentle skin. Just use a detergent without any fabric softeners, as they might affect the absorbency of your diaper or inserts. 
  • Squeeze the diapers out gently and air dry in the sun. The sunlight also acts as a disinfectant and stain remover and you will have clean fresh smelling diapers.

Hand washing is gentler on the diaper as the diaper is not put through the rigours of the washing machine. Do your laundry every day and watch the loads melt away!