Watch our video to see how to wash & care for cloth diapers

Before using cloth diapers for the first time

Like new towels, cloth diapers also need to be washed a few times before they reach their full absorbency. We recommend washing new cloth diapers and inserts 2-3 times before using them, so that they reach their full absorbency. Use the shortest cycle on the washing machine (max 35°C). If you don’t have a full load of diapers, you can add some towels to make up a full load. We recommend line drying cloth diapers and inserts. Inserts can also be tumble dried on low.

Changing cloth diapers

Remove the dirty diaper and gently wipe the baby clean with a wet cotton washcloth. Gently pat the baby dry. We recommend giving the baby diaper a few minutes of diaper free time between diaper changes. Put on a fresh diaper and store the used diaper in a dry bucket.

Washing cloth diapers

  • Knock solids off using a health faucet / jet sprayer. Rinse the diaper preferably under running water.
  • Wash the diapers often. We recommend every other day because otherwise the urine naturally turns into ammonia, making it more difficult to clean the diapers. In addition, the stains will come out better with less sit time!
  • Run a pre-wash with little detergent (eg. one-fourth of the recommended quantity) to clean pee and poop traces off diapers.
  • Run a full wash cycle with cold or warm water (max 35°C)

Some useful tips

  • Pre-washed diapers can be clubbed with other laundry.
  • Stains usually go off on sunning. If not, wash the diaper again.
  • Stubborn stains can be treated with lemon juice.
  • Most detergent bars are not recommended. Those typically require brushing, and brushing is not recommended with cloth diapers. It can affect functionality, and causes faster wear and tear.
  • We highly recommend using high quality detergent with less or no added fragrances, and without fabric softeners.
  • Line dry cloth diapers and inserts in the sun or tumble dry on low.

Stripping cloth diapers

Stripping is an extreme process and only needed if the inserts are repelling or if the diapers have a persistent terrible stink.

  1. Rinse the diaper under warm-hot water (it shouldn’t be scalding to touch, less than 60 degree. Very hot water can ruin lamination and elastics).
  2. If above doesn’t help, soak in detergent with warm water for about half hour. Run hot water rinses.
  3. If the diaper has been affected by use of a diaper rash cream or Fabric softener, hand wash with a drop of dish wash liquid. Scrub lightly with a softtooth brush. Rinse thoroughly and wash with detergent as usual.
  4. If the above steps don’t help, consider buying a stripping agent (to remove mineral buildup). eg. RLR. A DIY stripping agent: Washing Soda, Borax, and Calgon. Add detergent to this solution while stripping. Start with clean diapers. It is fine to do it right after a wash without drying. Add the stripping agent to a tub of warm-hot water. Add the diapers (inserts only – pockets do not need to be stripped). Soak for 4-7 hours. Follow it with a full wash cycle without detergent.
  5. After stripping, it is mandatory to soak the diapers for 30 minutes in bleach and wash the diapers a few times to remove minerals.

Stripping should not be necessary if laundry routine is correct. Look at fixing routine or detergent, or fixing hard water.

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