Parenting is an everyday challenge. Apart from all the joys the little cuddly bundle you hold in your arms offers, whenever you think about the initial days of parenting, the first thing that comes to mind is nappies! The initial days for new parents are often a blur of changing nappies and diapers! Diapering a baby is challenging – whether you use nappies / disposable diapers / cloth diapers. Starting from what to use –  how to use, it goes on to pose intrinsic questions such as – is it the best one for the baby, am I doing it right, is the nappy the right one for my baby’s sensitive skin, etc. The questions are never ending and for some, even though the answers are right there in front, we are too sceptical to go with it.

Cloth Nappies – Old School?!

As parents, we always want the best for our baby. Our grannies, mommies, aunts, all used cloth nappies / langots for their kids. They were often hand-sewn triangular ones or soft squares made out of cotton dhotis or saris. Here we are today caught in-between the frenzy of the modern generation of disposables while still agreeing with the old times of the soft cottons and muslins that would dare not harm the baby’s skin. Our grannies probably did not think of it as an environment friendly option, they cared about what was best suited for the baby and what was available then. In today’s hectic lifestyle, a cloth nappy does not hold as a practical option – the constant sleep interruptions at night for innumerable nappy changes for the baby and the new mother can be extremely stressful. The traditional nappy hardly holds any pee, makes a whole lot of mess and generates mountains of laundry, burdening the already sleep-deprived household with additional chores.

Disposable diapers – convenient, but can’t we do better?

The modern parent today has turned to disposable diapers, as they are a practical & convenient option to diaper the baby. Most parents are aware of the serious health risks associated with some harmful chemicals that go into making of disposable diapers, yet it continues to be a popular choice. Moreover, the amount of non-biodegradable waste that is created by disposable diapering a single baby is staggering! Did you know that on an average, the Indian parent spends ₹50,000 to ₹60,000 for diapering a single child from birth till potty-training? We are torn between both worlds, we don’t want to compromise on giving the best for our kids, while being particular about convenience. Hence, comes the boon for the Modern parent – the modern cloth diapers! It does what a disposable does – no leaks, superior absorbency, yet is safe on sensitive skin, ensuring that the baby’s delicate skin doesn’t feel the pinch of any form of plastic!

Modern cloth diapers – experiencing is believing!

Swagata Palharya Bahl, a new mom, after exploring and experiencing our cloth diaper options, feels, “In the beginning I was little sceptical but when I used these diapers, I really loved it!” Her reaction is nothing new considering the plethora of benefits that cloth diapers offer. Apart from being the best affordable cloth diapers save 50-80% compared to disposable diapers, cloth diapers also offer non-monetary benefits like the ones listed below;
  • Avoiding harmful chemicals used in disposable diapers – the impact of these chemicals are immediate for some babies whilst in some it takes time to show its true colours! Why risk it while you can avoid?
  • Saving the environment – if you are a parent who believes in making environment-friendly choices, cloth diapers can help prevent waste and contribute less to plastic landfills
  • Soft on sensitive baby bum – if you had to choose between soft fabric and harsh plastic for your little one’s delicate bum, what would your choice be?! Soft fabric will win the battle hands down!
  • Lesser blowouts & no harmful chemicals – the modern cloth diapers are blowout equipped! New parents hence welcome this option better and of course, no chemical induced rashes as your little one’s sensitive skin stays well protected in soft stay-dry fabric. Just to get a parent’s perspective, one of our patrons Sowme Karun quotes, “I am loving fig-o-honey cloth diapers. It’s worth spending. No rashes and it lasts longer.”
  • Cuteness overloaded – you may not hear this much, but the designs and prints that cloth diapers come in the present day, adds to the cuteness of your bundle of joy! “They have the quirkiest prints to make the lil ones bum adorable.” Priyanka Partal’s comment just nails it! You can find it more assuring when you hear more of those “cho chweeet” whenever people see your tiny tot!
Thus, there you have it! An insight on why and how cloth diapers work best for your wee little one! So, go forth and cloth diaper your beans and beanettes! Be glad that you made the right choice and smile each time you snap a fresh printed reusable diaper on those cute little buns!   Parents can shop for reusable, high quality cloth diapers online, at our online store.

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